We first put in our raw talent of fine art. We then added our skills of painting. We threw in our love for photography, colours, shadows, and highlights. We then vigorously mixed them with computer graphics and software. We cooked the concoction for 3 minutes (one minute longer than a popular noodle brand). And here we are. Ready to serve you a helping of Pixel Production, topped with a whole lot of fun. 
Putting it simply; we’re a one-stop-shop for anything to do with images
From concept development sketches to illustrations, to image manipulation, to creative retouching, CGI to shoot production.
To put it in perspective – we speak image.
Having worked through the transition of print production from the age of traditional photography to the current digital era, Chirag is an award-winning digital artist who understands both the art and science of images. Even though he has executed various campaigns for Nike, Visa, Cadbury, Mars, Louis Vuitton, Smirnoff, Emirates and many brands across the globe, he’s still excited at every opportunity he gets to be a part of making beautiful images time and again. 

Get in touch:

Email: chirag@pixelproduction.in

Direct: +91 98676 30146
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